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Good Suffering

We’ve made “suffering” a bad word.  Avoid it if you can.  I’ll take the “blessed” life, thank you… a big paycheck, a white picket fence and fun weekends.  Ah, blessed comfort. 
Then there’s the 15 year old named J.D. recuperating in a Colorado hospital with second-degree burns.  J.D was watching a wildfire burn from a distance when he heard the wind blow a bit harder and saw the smoke moving closer.  The wildfire had changed course and headed towards the homes of his elderly neighbors. 
As the flames rose to 100 feet, J.D. headed into the fires on his ATV to get to his neighbors in time.  He went door to door, telling them to leave.  Though suffering second-degree burns, his actions saved their lives.
Was J.D.’s suffering a tragic waste?  God’s punishment?  Of course not.  To his elderly neighbors, his burns represent courage and compassion.  Similarly, we rejoice in Christ’s sufferings because by His wounds we are healed. Can we rejoice when we suffer? 
Paul said, “Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church” (Col. 1:24). 
When we suffer for loving the lost… rejection, aching prayers, tears, pain, longing, mocking, ostracism… we carry forward Jesus’ sufferings and make them visible to others. 

So don’t buy this idea that suffering is for the “unblessed.”  Suffering for others is what makes Jesus’ love visible.  Reach out.  And if it costs you, someone just might see Jesus suffering through you.  Perhaps a lost family member can be found, a blind coworker can see, or a dying friend can be brought to life through Christ.  Take the risk and rejoice in what God will do. 

In Him,
Read ahead for this Sunday’s sermon from Col. 2:1-5.

Prayer Requests

+ Pray for financial provision for Marilee
+ Pray for Emily F’s healing
Join us for prayer each Tue evening at 7:30 pm as we pray for these needs, and needs of the church and the City. 

This Week

Youth Tutoring | Foyer 5 pm
Prayer Meeting | Library 7:30 pm
Home Group | Home of Ken & Helen Crizer, 551 Victoria St, SF 7:15 pm
Financial Peace University Class | Library 6:30 pm
Bible Study Group | Foyer 6:50 pm
College/Young Adult Group | Foyer 7:30 pm

Connect. Serve. Invite.

Register for Retreat

Where:  Redwood Christian Park in Boulder Creek
When:  April 5-7, Friday evening thru Sunday lunch. 
Volunteer: Email Pira Tritasavit at pira.tritasavit@gmail.com
Volunteer to:  1) Lead small group discussions; 2) Provide snacks and refreshments; 3) Lead games and activities; and 4) be a musician on worship team.
Infant/toddler care will be available. 

Diaper Drive

The Diaper Drive ends this Sunday!  These diapers are for Alpha Pregnancy Center to give to those facing crisis pregnancies.  Bring your diapers to the Diaper Bin in the foyer.  Learn more at www.alphapc.orgContact:  Pastor Jeff

BASS Is Free

March 7-9 in Castro Valley.  Members of New Life Church can attend this wonderful training event for free by registering online at bassconvention.org and using the code “VAPWE”.


The Supremacy of Christ (Col 1:15-20) – Feb 10, http://bit.ly/XrjX1z
Live Worthy of the Lord (Col 1:9-14) – Feb 3, http://bit.ly/TAzyfp