You may be longing to hear this:  God welcomes you.  Though He is the transcendent being who is holy and just, He loves you and welcomes you to know Him.  And though we are all fallible and limited in our humanity, God values us immensely… more than we can imagine.  This is where we begin to describe us because…

…who New Life Church is begins with God. 

If we ever get the honor of meeting you in person, then you will find a welcoming community, because that’s how we’ve known God to be.  And you will find a community that values you as a person, no matter what your race, language or economic status.

The Father is seeking worshippers from every race and every language.  He is seeking you.  So New Life Church invites you to know Him, no matter where you’re from or where you’ve been.

We are a small composite of the beautifully multiethnic body of Christ.  In a city that celebrates cultural diversity, it makes sense that people of all races would gather together to worship the God of all creation and re-creation.

So through our Father’s invitation, we welcome you.  Thanks for taking time to get to know us.  We do hope to meet you personally.

  • Matthew 10:40, 18:5; Luke 15:2; John 4; Philippians 2:29; Revelation 5:9