Children’s Ministry is A.W.E.SOME!

We carry these values into how we raise up children to know God:

A = Amazed at Almighty Abba.  God’s glory and holiness and love displayed will be the focus of the WOW in our kids and teachers eyes.

W = Worshipful in the Word and with Works.  Because our true value is revealed through lifestyles of worship; parents, teachers, and kids are constantly worshiping something and our aim is to worship the Father in Spirit and Truth, on His terms and as He desires.

E = Engaged in Encouragement and Evangelism.  Because discipleship must be engaging. Our teaching must engage multiple senses and learning styles. More than fun and entertainment, children’s ministry will engage the heart and mind with God’s eternal truths.


  • Why ALMIGHTY? Because God’s power is the source of our teaching and learning. We trust in His omnipotence and strength through our weakness and limitations.
  • Why ABBA? Because He is personal as our Father and kids will find true security and real significance in the Father’s love through Jesus and the Holy Spirit


  • Why THE WORD? Because in Holy Scripture and in songs of praise, our minds are transformed by God’s Eternal Word; we must be trained in the Truth of God
  • Why WORKS? Because faith without deeds is dead, and in response to what God has already done for us inwardly, we can exercise our worship through outward deeds that bless others (for kids, making crafts and learning hand motions and playing with exercises and learning to clap also count as works!)


  • Why ENCOURAGEMENT? Because everyone needs more courage. Because everyone needs to be built up. Because children will be emboldened as they become aware of their identity as God’s beloved, as they discover security of knowing Jesus as their King, as they trust in the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit.
  • Why EVANGELISM? Because Jesus is alive and His Good News is what we get to share. We preach the Gospel to ourselves, to our family in Christ, to the kids we work with and to the lost who are looking for good news worth believing.